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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are between Virtual Placement and corresponding company, hereinafter called the Consultant and the Client Employer, hereinafter called the Client.

1. The acceptance of our proposal, quotation or confirmation of costs, or otherwise
an instruction given by the Client, represents acceptance of these Terms of

2. No change can be made to these Terms without agreement of all parties. Any
amendments will be confirmed by the Consultant, in writing.

3. The fee will be agreed between the Consultant and the Client. Where this is based
on salary this will be based on basic commencing salary or an agreed benchmark
salary, determined at the start of the assignment. Salary will include any bonus. The agency fees or payment percentage for different companies will differ.

4. Once the Consultant is retained by the Client to source suitable applicants for a
specific vacancy, any candidate details submitted directly to the Client for that
vacancy, shall be forwarded to the Consultant for evaluation.

5. Should the Client terminate the assignment before completion, the parties will
agree the amount of the fee payable, based on what is reasonable in the
circumstances. In case of a retained mandate all eligible fees as per contract, being
due at the date of termination will be invoiced or retained.

6. Any recruitment advertising costs will be invoiced to the Client on placement of
the advertisement.

7. Where travel or other expenses are incurred in order to service an assignment
such expenses will be agreed with the Client in advance.

8. The Client must not pass on information regarding any candidate to any person
outside the Client company, without prior agreement of both the Consultant and
the candidate. Where permission is granted and such an introduction results in
the candidate joining another Company, the introduction fee is to be paid by the
respective party.

9. Information relating to any unsuccessful candidates shall be returned to the
Consultant on request.

10. The Client shall notify the Consultant within 5 working days when an offer of employment has been accepted by a candidate and will make available all
relevant details of the terms of the offer in writing, including the letter of engagement. A copy of the contract is given to the consultant.

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11. Should a candidate be employed by the Client in any capacity, within twelve (12)
months of an introduction being made, the Client will be accountable for payment
of a fee to the Consultant, in accordance with our standard Terms of Business.

12. Every reasonable effort is made to ensure that a candidate is suitable for the particular vacancy. The candidate’s details are obtained upon online registration
and/or during interview. It is the Client’s responsibility however to verify the
candidate’s details and obtain references after having received the permission
from the consultant. The Consultant does not accept any liability for an inaccuracy
or omission in the c.v. details or claims made by the candidate.

13. The Consultant shall not be responsible for any losses suffered by the Client as a
result of the non suitability of the said candidate or arising in any respect from the
contract of engagement with the candidate.

14. Virtual placement will not credit or refund any amount of consultation fees charged for the arranging the candidates if candidate leaves the company for any reason whatsoever.

16. Invoices of Ms. Sriparna Sinha in regard to executive search are payable latest after 5 days of invoice date. And all payments to be made to Ms. Sriparna Sinha

17. We don’t have any standard fees. We believe in customized fees structures.